2MA Ambassador

2nd Mile Adventures Ambassador Program

2nd Mile Adventures is providing an opportunity to challenge our athletes and adventurers to commit to raising awareness and funds for the 2nd Mile Adventure Chapter program.  Our goal for 2016 is $10,000 to help 2MA Chapters grow and reach new people for His glory via adventure ministry.  By helping raise funds we can give support to chapter leaders to better run their personal programs i.e. adventure trips, small groups, and outreach programs/events.  When a chapter leader commits to starting a 2MA Chapter they commit personal time, money, and resources.  At 2nd Mile Adventures we want to give them support through materials to share the Gospel of Christ.

Program Details:

What is a 2MA Ambassador?  

A 2MA Ambassador is an athlete / adventurer – bikepacker, backpacker, runner, cyclists, triathlete, or anyone willing to use athletics or adventure as a way to join in our vision and mission.

An ambassador has an opportunity to share the ministry of 2nd Mile Adventures with other friends and family within their circles.  Your story is powerful and can be used to share the love of Jesus with others.  It can also be used to grow our community of riders for the purpose of growing His Kingdom.

What’s our vision and mission?  

Vision: Go A New Distance Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually

Mission: We exist to come alongside and C.L.I.M.B. (Come Learn Invite Multiply Build) together – through discipleship and discovery – of God’s plan for our lives.

Each Ambassador that makes a commitment to raise a funds through 2MA events in 2016 will receive gear to train, compete, adventure, and represent in throughout the year.  Gear selection is dependent on your Ambassador level:

Bronze Level: Commitment to raise $250

Silver Level: Commitment to raise $500

Gold Level: Commitment to raise $750

Platinum Level: Commitment to raise $1000 (all can be completed through 2MA events).

Along with gear we will provide you will the information you need to get your story out.  Send us pictures during training and competition and we’ll post it on social media.  Brochures are available for you to print and hand out at events or along your route via bikepacking/backpacking.  Letterhead will be sent via email for your to customize and let people know where they can send their donation to.

What qualifies me to be an Ambassador? 

A 2MA Ambassador is:

– Someone who’s volunteered to lead or assist a 2MA trip

– Someone that has attended a 2MA event in the past 12 months:

     – Spring and Fall MTB Trip

     – Dunes Day Ride

     – Ski Trip

     – Great Divide Ride

     – You’ve donated to 2nd Mile Adventures: at least $200

     – A 2MA board member

     – Spouse of a person that has volunteered to lead or assist on a 2MA trip

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