Who do we think we are?

12112508_1272935209386500_3283701390427815421_n2nd Mile Adventures recently returned from our 36th annual Ski Trip to Winter Park Colorado.  I never know what to expect on these trips, especially considering that we took more than 40 people with our group.  There are so many variables that make our trips adventures whether they be the weather, vehicle mechanical issues, injuries, etc. But one thing has always been predictable on this trip: the obvious presence of God in every aspect of our trip.  Throughout 7 months of planning and seeking God’s direction for the student lessons, I finally parked on the theme of “Identity” for the trip.  At this point I placed the remainder of the direction of the trip in God’s hands.  What happened next was truly unbelievable.

Our identity clearly rests in the hands of those we are willing to submit to.  We are daily bombarded by worldly distractions that point us to our false identities.  The world wants to tell us that we aren’t good enough, fast enough, smart enough, pretty enough.  As a result we spend our time fixing our problems rather than looking to the true source of our identity.  And God as our source makes our identity blatantly clear.

On the other hand, our true identity is formed long before we are in the womb.  God had every fiber of our being planned at creation, and he clearly tells us that we are to reflect him.  This was ultimately evident in the great detail he put into creating the mountains we were enjoying.  If God is love, then we must also exhibit love.  This is the most critical part of our being:

‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Luke 10:27.

Our identity is rooted in LOVE.

We each have a story.  That story is shrouded with pain, struggle, lostness, and vulnerability.  As we age, our experiences continue to diagnose who we are.  As humans we are naturally reflective.  As we look back at our pasts, we can often clearly see how God was lovingly walking with us every step of our journeys.

I personally had a difficult time translating this reflective piece of our identity with high school kids.  They lack experience.  But truthfully, loving others as God loves us marks the deepest core of our being.  Who has God said you are?  Have you bought in to your identity given by the world? As you look back on your life, what evidence do you have that God is guiding your steps?

We never stop learning who we are, but our goal is to walk in line with his unique plan for our lives.  The adventure is out there – seize it today!

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